A teacher at SDPS is much more than a source of wisdom and knowledge. He is a leader, motivator, facilitator, friend, guide, role model and mentor. SDPS recruits only top-of-the-line teachers in every discipline. The faculty at SDPS is a highly dedicated and professional team; with the special qualities of patience, understanding and sense of belongingness that distinguish a good teacher. They are dynamic, relaxed and enthusiastic with the ability to create a friendly atmosphere in which the child can express himself and learn. Teachers, as facilitators, guides and counselors encourage the development of each child by providing security & warmth and emphasizing on self-discipline.

Never satisfied with tried and tested measures, they take and feel delighted in creating more effective ways to explore and share knowledge thus breathing life into their teaching, thereby, enabling the children to go beyond rote learning.

Our teachers are here because they love teaching, they love kids and they love SDPS, resulting in a dynamic, challenging and interesting atmosphere.

All this is possible because of our continuous and comprehensive In-Service Orientation, Teachers’ Exchange Programmes, Education and Training Programmes for Teachers through self-motivated school based activities and incentives. These programmes are conducted, both at the beginning and in the middle of sessions. Taking care of not only imparting information about changes in syllabi & latest trends in education but also tackle issues like stress management, improve communication, effective teaching methods etc. Further, the School has its own Resource Centre to ensure that all its teachers employ innovative and effective teaching methods and are thoroughly conversant with their subjects, updating content and methodology continually.


A motivated, dedicated and well qualified faculty oversees the well being of our students. A good teacher – student ratio makes is possible for our faculty to monitor the progress of every child.
In Shri Dalauda Public School Dalauda the faculty is comfortable with using modern technologies such as computers, LCD or over head projector for classroom teaching, lesson plans, assignments and evaluation to make learning more interactive and effective.

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99, Mhow-Neemach Main Raod,
Dalauda,Distt. Mandsaur (M.P.)
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